This is a four (4) day fun filled international hash event. πŸ’ƒ 🌎 🎫.

This is a Pan Africa hash Event scheduled to take place from 1st - 4th of July 2021 in Kampala and Jinja cities of Uganda .

The event will bring together hashers from various hash chapters of Africa and the world to tour Uganda, the pearl of Africa and witness its natural wonders and panoramic places πŸ—ΊοΈ.

On the hashers' expectation menu, lots of entertainment, fun runs πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ, nature walks 🚢, cultural exhibitions, variety of food and drinks 🍽️ βž• 🍻.

Organised by; Kampala Hash House Harriers &
Mengo Hash House Harriers.



Location: Kampala (Kabira Country Club) and Jinja (Kingfisher Hotel) , Uganda.

Dates: Thursday 1st July 2021 - Sunday 4th July 2021

Registration / Accreditation Opens

Registration opens at the main hash venue in Kampala. This will also be the venue for the red dress run.

Later in the evening, visiting hashers will have a tour de Kampala city on top of an open bus with inhouse music and beer @ Ugx. 50,000 only climaxed with a welcome dinner besides a bar late in the evening

Red Dress Run

Registration / Accreditation Continues

At 3pm local time, KH3 will host visiting hashers to a fantabulous red dress run at Kabira country club. The beer master has already ruled that it will be a pub crawl. Don't miss a mix of Uganda's best brews, Nyama choma and coconut Uganda waragi. The evening will be sealed with the offical opening gala PAH2021 Kampala. Your happiness is our business.

Kampala City

Main Pan Africa Hash Event in Jinja 🌊🌊King Fisher resort Jinja 🌊🌊

The main hash venue will be at the King Fisher resort Jinja City. There will be two optional runs, one along the ever exciting Kampala-Jinja 🌊🌊Source Of the Nile 🌊🌊 trail, the other trail will be in the interior of Mabira natural forest.

Kampala Jinja 🌊🌊Source Of the Nile 🌊🌊 Trail

Hashers will converge in the wee hours of Saturday to embark on the famous fun filled Kampala- Jinja Relay, divided into 9 legs (seeds). Your speed determines your seed. Proudly powered by Tusker Lite Beer, the run-as-you-drink Relay doubles as a competition among Hash teams. Runners and walkers score points for their teams at the end of each leg. Merry making is also part of the competition. Your kennel is encouraged to form a team. Individuals may also join Kampala Hash teams of their personal choice. Early risers and ball breaker running bastards are encouraged to go for this trail.

Mabira Natural Forest Trail

Lazy risers and hangover roomies will be transported to the thick forest to do excellently set trails to different hideouts of the forest.

Lunch for all will be served in the forest.

The evening will be party time in Jinja 🌊🌊Source Of the Nile 🌊🌊 with lots of beers, entertainment and happy ending.
Your happiness is our business.

Jinja |

Official Closure of PAHKampala2021

Hashers will treat the hangover with a mid morning walk to the source of the longest river in Africa, River Nile. Photo moments and exchange of gifts is expected. Entertainment will follow as well as free flowing beer and local brews. Don't miss exciting entertainment from from the various kernels in the house. We shall return to king fisher for a late lunch by a boat ride
Your happiness is our business

Run/Walk to source of Nile

Hashers will treat the two day hangover with a fresh new ice cold beer served with Nyamachoma and different local cuisines. This will follow a mid morning tour of Jinja City 🌊🌊Source Of the Nile 🌊🌊 to see the source of the longest River in Africa (River Nile) and Bujagali Falls🏞️. Hashers will exchange gifts as they enjoy different exhilarating cultural performances by fellow Hashers of different kennels and by local professional performers. How much beer your head can hold will determine how long the event shall last. The LOC advises Hashers to sleep over in Jinja.

Jinja |

Official Farewells

While the Nairobberies organize their only official Monday run at Kampala Hash, early departures shall be hugged farewells at Entebbe International Airport. Willing visiting Hashers can stay and enjoy another Monday hash with KH3 at a venue to be communicated. Don’t miss the fun in the circle done the Kampala way!

Entebbe International Airport |

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